W.B.F.D.C: Lepchajagat Nature Resort

Visit the most beautiful village in Bengal.
Chatakpur Eco Resort, Near Darjeeling
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Snow Range As Viewed From Lepchajagat Nature Resort
Photograph: Mitendra Ganguli
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Photo Album 1 - Lepchajagat Nature Resort
Photo Album 2 - Lepchajagat Nature Resort
Biswajit Basu from Kolkata writes to
Kolahal Travel Guide:
Dates of visit: 20.10.2016 to 22.10.2016.

I along with wife and son stayed here for three nights but our experience was awful. I stayed in Michelia suit on the first floor of the resort.
The condition of the room is miserable. There is practically no maintenance of the room. Electric connection of the room was not properly functioning.
The resort manager was very much indifferent about the problems.
Make proper enquiry before making a plan to come here.

Mitendra Ganguli from Mukundapur, Kolkata, writes to
Kolahal Travel Guide:
Date of visit: April 16, 2015

I visited Lepchajagat on 16.04.15 along with my family members including my seven-year old granddaughter and stayed at the WBFDC Nature Resort. The place Lepchajagat is definitely very picturesque with thick forests of pine, fir and oak trees.

As expected, we could always hear the chirping of birds all around, but alas, as most of them were very tiny, could not be located or photographed, as they were hiding behind the branches of trees. Lepchajagat is a paradise for nature photographers. Simply the beautiful pine trees in the forests alone could serve his desire. We heard stories from local people about wild leopards and bears roaming around at night, and could actually spot a big civet cat crossing the road in daytime.

Wild orchid could be seen on some trees, but no rhododendrons at this altitude -- which could be found in abundance on our way to Sandakphu. At Lepchajagat we found crores of tiny wild strawberry plants full of flowers (in April) and which would be reaping into sweet juicy tiny red berries from the end of May uptil July.

The 300 metre long winding road leading down from the main road junction of Lepchajagat up to the Nature Resort is beautiful. The Resort in a secluded place surrounded by thick forest on all sides is an ideal place for taking rest and away from the hustle-bustle of city life. Snow ranges in the north and Darjeeling town in the east could be seen from the Resort, even from the ground level, but much better from the rooftop. Illuminated Darjeeling at night is another charming view. A small hill-top view-point called Hawa Ghar about a kilometre away from the Resort through a forest path and stairs is also worth a visit.

The rooms in the Nature Resort are all nice and clean. We stayed in the four-bedded family room (or dormitory) and accommodating our five adults and a child there was not a problem. The bathroom and toilet is detached but very near the main room. The lock and key were given to us, so the toilet was absolutely private. The baths were clean and we got 24 hours running hot & cold water. The food served in the canteen was simple, good, tasty and reasonably priced. The staff in the Resort were all very polite, courteous, friendly and jolly.

Our itinerary was from NJP to Darjeeling, then to Sandakphu, and finally to Lepchajagat. Our family members preferred travelling by hired taxis like Toyota Qualis or Tata Sumo. But for the Maneybhanjan-Sandakphu-Maneybhanjan section, hiring a Land Rover was a must.

My little granddaughter of seven years made some paintings on her drawing book during the tour, especially at Lepchajagat. The small bright yellow wild dandelion flowers on green grass in the backyard of the Nature Resort attracted her attention as well as ours. The little girl was weeping silently when we started our journey towards NJP. We will definitely come back to Lepchajagat.

A View of Darjeeling From Lepchajagat Nature Resort
Photograph: Mitendra Ganguli
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WBFDC: Lepchajagat Nature Resort, Tariff (December 4, 2013)

Room Name Beds Bath Type Tariff (Rs) Tax (Rs) Total (Rs)
Camelia Suite (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Ground Floor Room 2000 180 2180
Dormitory( Family Room ) (Non-A/C) 4 Non-Attached B Dormitory 2000 180 2180
Magnolia Suite (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Ground Floor Room 2000 180 2180
Michelia Suite (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Suites 2200 198 2398
Suite-1 (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Suites 2,500 225 2725
Suite-2 (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Suites 2,200 198 2398
Booking Procedure
Step 1. Send us a reservation request.
Step 2. We will send you an e-mail with availability information.
Step 3. Call our Siliguri office and confirm. Or send us a confirmation by e-mail
Step 4. Deposit tariff and tax to the bank account given above.
Tax: 8.42%
WBFDC requires us to collect the entire tariff and tax at the time of booking.
Step 5. Send us the following information by e-mail:
  1. Full Name
  2. Age
  3. Full address (City, State, Pin Code)
  4. Mobile No
  5. ID proof no (Voter ID/PAN Card/Driving Licence/Adhar Card - any one).
Step 6. We will send you WBFDC booking documents. Govt photo id is needed for check-in in any hotel in Bengal.
Cancellation Charges:
  1. Less than 10 days 100% of the booking amount.
  2. 10 days and above but less than 20 days 60% of the booking amount.
  3. 20 days and above but less than 30 days 40% of the booking amount.
  4. 30 days and above 20% of the booking amount.
  5. No taxes will be refunded. ?Check in date included in all cases?.

Photo Album 1 - Lepchajagat Nature Resort
Photo Album 2 - Lepchajagat Nature Resort
Dr. Chandan Kumar Ghosh from Barasat, North 24 Parganas, writes to
Kolahal Travel Guide:
Dates of visit: April 19, 2015 - April 20, 2015

We reached Lepchajagat by a hired car. It was Sunday. We did not have lunch at the WBFDC rest house. We had to go to Jorpokhri for lunch. Otherwise the service was good. The food was good. The bathroom was clean with ample hot water. The attendant was polite and cordial. Overall, the stay was excellent.

Balen Basu and Soma Basu from Sahaganj, Hooghly, write to
Kolahal Travel Guide:
Dates of visit: April 4 through April 7, 2014

Our overall experience at Lepchajagat is EXCELLENT - the staff behavior is superb and takes care with warmth and hospitality. We feel this place should be promoted more specially for those who want to spend a few days "far from the madding crowd". For those who want shops, marketing, people and crowd - this is not the place. The food served was always hot and tasty and was prompt.
Darjeeling is very near and we spent a day there and came back to the fold of fog in the evening and enjoyed the steaming coffee and snacks in the warm room.

Smarajit Dasgupta from Kolkata writes to Kolahal Travel Guide:
Date of visit: 28/03/2014

Lepchajagat is indeed a nature lover's paradise. And the hospitality of the caretaker & cook at the resort is also warm. I would love to visit there sometime again.
The view of Kanchenjunga from the roof, and the window of Suite 1 was amazing.
I went to Jorepokhri for a day from Lepchajagat. And reached NJP by car from Jorepokhri directly.
Thank you for your help with the prompt booking of Lepchajagat Nature Resort.

Satchid Das from Salt Lake, Kolkata, writes to Kolahal Travel Guide:
Date of visit: 26/10/2013

It's a very lonely place but peaceful. Attendants are very cooperative. But the road approaching the Nature Resort needs immediate repair. Rooms are not cleaned daily. Staff members clean it on request. Food is very good and homely.

We used to walk at morning as well as evening near the resort and enjoy natural beauties. During our stay from 26/10/2013 for 4 days it was very cold. Temperature was about 7 to 8 degree celsius during evening.

If the rooms and outside of the Resort (gardens etc.) are maintained, the Resort would be more attractive. Some furniture needs repair. There is another building adjacent to the Resort, but it is not used. It could be furnished for staying for tourists. Overall good properties, but needs proper care.

Sandip Mukherjee from Kolkata writes to Kolahal Travel Guide:
Date of visit: 9th Feb 2013

We visited Lepchajagat and stayed there from 9th Feb to 10th Feb 2013. We were 5 people and we booked Suite 1 and Suite 2. Suite 1 is the best room with view of Kanchenjunga, if weather is clear, from the bed. You can see the first rays of the sun falling on the Kanchenjunga from the terrace of the resort. Each room is equipped with room heaters in working condition. But the heaters are insufficient as compared to the cold. There is a fireplace which the caretaker will light up for an extra cost of Rs 250 for the logs. All washrooms are fitted with geysers.

But before visiting Lepchajagat it is better to call up the caretaker at the numbers provided in the bill and tell him to keep good quantity of chicken and eggs as they do not keep extra. In case you want extra chicken pakoras, then you may be dissapointed. Food variety is not there, You will get 4 puri and sabji at Rs 35 per plate, butter toast and omlette in the breakfast. In lunch they will provide you chicken at Rs 70 per plate which has 3 small pieces of chicken. Egg curry consists of 1 egg and will cost Rs 20 per plate. Roti is quite thick and costs Rs 5 per piece. While ordering food, please remember the quantity of rice and dal per plate is quite large.

It is a must see for all nature lovers and a 2 night stay will be sufficient. You can visit Jorepokhri, about 10 kms, Nepal border which is about 12 kms. Take a local sumo which the caretaker will arrange. Going to Jorepokhri, border and back will cost you Rs 600 in the winters. The same sumo will take you back to Darjeeling for Rs 700. Darjeeling is about 23 kms. from Lepchajagat.

Anushree Chakraborty from Kolkata writes to Kolahal Travel Guide:
Date of visit: 11.11.12

A very beautiful place with a view of Kanchanjangha from the roof top. Different types of birds, fern, and silence caused a great pleasure. The food supplied by the canteen boys and friendship of the dog "brownee" are unforgettable.

A Common Seating Area with a TV in Suit – 1
Photograph: Smarajit Dasgupta

Camelia Suite Bedroom
Photograph: Aleya Basu     April 19, 2014

Dormitory Bedroom
Photograph: Aleya Basu     April 19, 2014

Camelia Suite
Photograph: Satchid Das

Lepchajagat Nature Resort
Photograph: Mitendra Ganguli

WBFDC: Lepchajagat Nature Resort. Interior of Suit – 2
Photograph: Saswata Bhattacharya


Kanchenjunga, the queen of the Himalayas, has one of her best views from Lepchajagat, an isolated hamlet in Darjeeling.

Situated in a dense forest of rhododendron, oak and pine, it used to be a nondescript village of the Lepchas before the British marked their footprint here in the early 19th century.

Now, it has become a hotspot for nature-lovers and honeymooners. The West Bengal Forest Development Corporation has rebuilt a British bungalow as a guest house that ensures a breathtaking view of the Himalayas from every room.

Your tryst with the queen will start before dawn breaks. Set your alarm clock and get ready by 4.30am. The morning mist might play spoilsport but do not get demotivated — the day is long enough for a royal appointment.

The name Kanchenjunga means “five treasures of snow”. Lucky are those who get to view all five peaks together.

Before the sun starts rising over the Tiger Hill, which is on the other side of Lepchajagat, the sky gradually becomes milky and then blue. The orange and pink sunrays fall on the peaks and the giant figure comes alive.

The combination of the silence and the majestic mountain range in front has an almost meditative effect.

In the afternoon, treat yourself to a plate of steaming rice with pulses and chicken. Take a leisurely stroll in the woods around the guest house.

Set the fireplace ablaze and sip a cup of aromatic tea with tasty pakodas in the evening.

The view from the terrace after sundown may catch your fancy. Darjeeling town looks like a hill dressed up in Diwali lights.

To get a clearer view of Kanchenjunga, you can move to the Balsan Valley, which is 2.5 km away from the guest house. A kilometre-long trek route will take you to a place called Hawa Ghar that commands a even clearer view of the queen.

You could also visit Jorepokhri, another spot to watch the Himalayas in all its grandeur.
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