W.B.F.D.C: Loleygaon Nature Resort

Visit the most beautiful village in Bengal.
Chatakpur Eco Resort, Near Darjeeling
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WBFDC: Loleygaon Nature Resort.
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WBFDC: Loleygaon Nature Resort. Another View

Pinkali Chatterjee writes:

It was an unplanned vacation. My husband was leaving for Europe and we wanted to spend a few days away from the crowd of Kolkata in a serene romantic place. Lava, Lolegaon and Rishop were what we decided. Those three days that I spent in these quaint little Lepcha villages have remained in my memory for ever. The beauty of Lolegaon and Rishop is different from the many beautiful mountain resorts in Switzerland that I was to spend my days in the near future. Here nature ruled. Humans lived in its bosom in utter reverence and bonding with nature.

How to go there: We took the train, Darjeeling Mail from Kolkata to New Jalpaiguri. From there we rode a shared Jeep to Kalimpong. At Kalimpong, we got another shared Jeep. It is better to buy some supplies from Kalimpong Bazaar as there are not many shops in Lolegaon or Rishop. However, Lava has some shops and you can even get alcohol there. I still remember the journey from Kalimpong to Lolegaon via Lava. The higher you climb, the steeper and narrower the road becomes. From Lava to Lolegaon the road is narrow with steep descents and climbs and sharp turns through dense and dark Himalayan forest. I didn't know how the driver recognized the road as there were no lights except that of the Jeep's dimming headlights. It was February and my knees were frozen when we reached the WBFDC rest house.

Where to stay: There are many hotels and rest houses in Lava. But I would recommend Lolegaon WBFDC rest house or a Rishop rest house. That is where you will get the real essence of the place. The Lolegaon rest house is located on the slope of a hill with excellent view of a wide range of peaks. There are a variety of rooms in WBFDC lodge. Most of them are separate cottages. Our cottage was a round little polished wooden hut with a round dome like roof. There was a little bedroom and a bathroom inside. There was a geyser for hot water but nothing to keep the room warm. It was chilling in February in Lolegaon and we had to go inside our blankets for changing clothes. Room heating is a luxury that you cannot expect in a small Indian village. The cottages have little gardens in front of them. Each cottage is a little step down from the last one. The area inside the WBFDC lodge is large and decorated with flowering plants, benches and pine trees.

When to go there: Avoid Monsoon as it rains too much. The best time is late October to November and late February to April. Take good jackets and woolens as it is chilling even in March.

What to see: Lolegaon seems to exist under a veil of mist most of the time. It takes time to woo and thereby warm it up so that at a sudden unexpected moment it lifts its veil to give you a glimpse of its virgin beauty. On our first morning, we felt lost in that mist. As if we were in some fairytale wonderland, we had to guess what could be there a few steps ahead. We, however, took the challenge and started walking on what seemed to be the only road. There was almost no traffic and we couldn't see anything that was two feet ahead of us. On the two sides of the road there were dense forests. At one place the mist seemed to lift a little. There we saw an entrance to the forest. We just entered it and sat on a tree trunk to take some rest. Suddenly, a ray of light entered and a part of the forest was lit as if by a spotlight. There was a beautiful scent in the forest, perhaps because of the cardamom trees that are abundant there. We sat there for a while enjoying the tranquility. Once you are in Lolegaon you have a feeling that you have left civilization behind you. It takes time for the urban ear to get used to the sounds of forest: the water dripping, the leaves rustling, the birds singing, sounds that we have lost in our everyday hurry. You have to unwind, take a deep breath and tune your senses.

We walked for a while on a path made by foot. We reached a recently built "canopy walk" which takes you up and close to the private world on those centuries old trees. Out of the forest we continued our walk on the road to reach Jhandidara, a point from where one can have a good view of the Himalayan peaks on a clear day. But we couldn't see anything but clouds.

From Lolegaon public transport is available to go to Lava, the most touristy among the three villages. There we went to the Monastery and spent a few hours there. Then we took the trekking path from Lava to Rishop, another virgin Lepcha village. You can drive to Rishop, but you will miss the local stories told by the Lepcha guide and the easy trek through the beautiful mountain forest.

Rishop is on the top of a hill. There are only a few cottages and a few rest houses. Potatoes and maize are grown on the slope of the hill. We got 360 degree view of Himalayan peaks and also excellent view of Kanchanjangha from there. Next time I go there I would certainly book a night at one of the rest houses on Rishop.

The next day we were walking inside WBFDC lodge while the mist lifted and suddenly the world seemed to open up before our eyes. It was overwhelming. Standing before those majestic Himalayan peaks, your heart is humbled and you feel thankful to be able to have a glimpse of this beauty. On that day we saw Lulegaon smiling at us out of its veil. There was this priceless view of the dazzling proud peaks standing like some Hindu Gods before our eyes. On the background there was the tight embrace of the virgin dense forests of oak and pine unchanged through the centuries. In between, there were a few scattered houses and fewer rest houses on the open spaces on the slopes of the hills. Nature attends to her own garden of rhododendron, rare orchids and abundant wild flowers here. Lepchas have a rustic innocence and although they are lured by the attractions of city life, they have a strong bonding with the hills. Life here is relaxed, too simple and sometimes too difficult. These people are brave, very truthful and quite friendly.

What to eat: There is not much variety. The WBFDC kitchen serves rice, lentil soup, fried potatoes and egg curry, and chicken curry on request. The food is fresh and tasty. Just outside the lodge on the left there is a little restaurant that sells great tasting momos, noodles and eggs. At Lava you get more options.

Nature and its deep tranquility are the real attractions of this place and once you wake up to the magic of nature, your mesmerized senses will take time to come back to its urban self even when you are back to your busy routine.
WBFDC Nature Resorts

Loleygaon Lava Hollong
Murti Buxa, Rajabhatkhawa Lepchajagat
Mongpong Paren Chatakpur
Baradabri Garh Panchkot Kalimpong
Suntalekhola Mukutmonipur Jhallong

Photograph: Sidhu_Travel

''The campus of West Bengal Forest Development Corporation Ltd. at Lolegaon, WB during the first week of April. Different types of Rhododendrons are blooming.'' –– Sidhu_Travel.

Photograph: Sidhu_Travel

''A row of cottages in WBFDC campus in Lolegaon. The cottages named Orchid are good in all respects. If possible try to avoid the cottages named Cryptomeria. '' –– Sidhu_Travel.

Photograph: Sidhu_Travel

''A Hornbill cottage, WBFDC, Lolegaon: Kanchanjangha is visible from the Hornbill cottages. These cottages are good, but they are located at an isolated area of the WBFDC campus.'' –– Sidhu_Travel.

WBFDC: Loleygaon Nature Resort. Restaurant.

WBFDC: Loleygaon Nature Resort, Restaurant: Inside

A View of Kanchanjangha from WBFDC: Loleygaon Nature Resort

WBFDC: Loleygaon Nature Resort, Tariff (November 4, 2011)

Room Name Bed Bath Type Tariff (Rs)
Agelia (Non-A/C) 3 Attached Bath Room 600.00

Alnus (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Suites 1700.00

Birch (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Suites 800.00

Cryptomeria - 1 (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Cottage 600.00

Cryptomeria - 2 (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Cottage 600.00

Cryptomeria - 3 (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Cottage 600.00

Cypress (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Suites 600.00

Hemlock (Non A/C) 2 Attached Bath Suites 1,100.00

Hornbill - 1 (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Cottage 1,100.00

Hornbill - 2 (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Cottage 1,100.00

Hornbill - 3 (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Cottage 1,100.00

Hornbill - 4 (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Cottage 1,100.00

Hornbill - 5 (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Cottage 1,100.00

Michelia (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Room 500.00

ORCHID - 1 (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Cottage 1,000.00

ORCHID - 2 (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Cottage 1,000.00

ORCHID - 3 (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Cottage 1,000.00

ORCHID - 4 (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Cottage 1,000.00

Pinus (Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Suites 600.00

Rhododendron (Non-A/C) 4 Attached Bath Room 800.00

Silver Fir (Non-A/C) 3 Attached Bath Suites 1200.00

Silver Oak (Non-A/C) 3 Attached Bath Suites 1200.00

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