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Sankuman Dey from Kolkata writes to Kolahal Travel Guide
Date of visit: 3/8/2013

We planned a weekend outing at Mandarmani on the 1st weekend of Aug 2013. Our budget was not in tens of thousands but we at least wanted amenities like a clean room, AC, sea view, clean toilets, good quality bed and bed sheets, and of course good quality food. Our budget of less than Rs. 8,000 for a 1 night and 1 day stay for 5 adults (including all meals), was a bit difficult to fit with the star resorts like Rose Valley and others with highly inflated tariffs.

We had evaluated many offers and then decided to stay at Hotel Samrat Holiday Inn though we had even cheaper offers to consider. KOLAHAL website and reviews from other visitors definitely helped us take a decision.

The pictures of the rooms and resort are not that promising and we were a little skeptical of how it would be because reality is often very different from what you see in pictures.

Located right on the sea beach and within a 5 to 10 minutes stroll from Rose Valley, we were very pleased and a bit surprised to find that whatever we saw in the pictures and what was communicated and committed was delivered 100%. It included decent rooms, good food, location of the hotel. You should not expect 5 star amenities here but can expect decent rooms, ACs that work, clean toilets, very good quality of food and most importantly very very helpful and courteous staff - all that within your budget.

They understand the fact that people who come to Mandarmani come to enjoy their stay and look for a pleasant experience with family or friends. The entire staff is 200% committed to provide a pleasant experience to their guests. Honestly speaking we got more than we expected and we have nothing to complain about. However, it is very important to set your expectation levels correctly or else even 5 stars or 7 stars can make you unhappy.

I would highly recommend this hotel to all kinds of visitors and tourists to Mandarmani, as they provide you with absolute value for money.

Have a great weekend..:)

Sisir Das from Kolkata writes to Kolahal Travel Guide
Date of visit: 16th October, 2013

We visited Mandarmani for the first time and had our stay at Samrat Holiday Inn. As many other tourists believe that the more you can pay, the better will be your experience there, we had the same perception before. However, staying at Samrat gave me a new perspective about budget hotels. They try every bit to satisfy the guests.

A homely stay and good food at decent price describes it. I had an easy booking experience and little difficulty in negotiations. There is no proper road connecting to it and may only be accessed by the beach. The room alotted to us had some problem with the fan and we were reallocated immediately. For a four bedded room it was smaller as well as cheaper but well furnished. It was pretty hot during the day but no need for AC during the night. The food was also good. We at first underestimated the ability of the cook given the appearance of the kitchen, but we were really surprised by the taste and quality of the food they served. And this dish they named 'Love Chicken' is a must try. Since the place is right on the beach, it's secluded and free from chaos.

The resort has the potential to provide more than homely stays... Among the few things it lacks, the most prominent is manpower and maintenance. The garden is a mess, the paves are far from broken and there seems to be less option for recreation for kids. The green paint on the cottages is not impressive either (even plain white would look better). They should also lose the asbestos roofs if possible. The woods in the back has hammocks for nice leisurely naps if the snakes and lizards don't notice you. There should be at least two more caretakers there for service.

To conclude, I would say that I enjoyed my stay and have no regrets. They have got a nice place, a few patches here and there and this little place could be everyone's destination. I rate it 3.5/5.

Photo Album - Samrat Holiday Inn
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A Row of Cottages
Samrat Holiday Inn, Mandarmoni

Outside Sitting Area Overlooking the Bay of Bengal
Samrat Holiday Inn, Mandarmoni

Samrat Holiday Inn, Mandarmoni, Bedroom

Samrat Holiday Inn, Mandarmoni, Landscape

Samrat Holiday Inn, Mandarmoni, Bathroom

Photo Album - Samrat Holiday Inn

Samrat Holiday Inn, Mandarmoni, Tariff

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    Room Type     Tariff + Tax
    Non-AC Double     Rs 1500
    AC Double     Rs 2500
    Non-AC 4 Guests     Rs 2500
    AC Deluxe     Rs 3500
    Free Breakfast

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