Wildlife in Mandarmani

A red crab crawling on Mandarmani beach.
Photograph: Sayonjyoti Day. March 2008.
"Birds observed in Mandarmani include Pallas's and Brown-headed Gulls, Common, White-winged and Little Terns, Greater Sand and Kentish Plovers and a mix of other waders."
-- Sumit K Sen

Little Terns in Mandarmani beach, India
Photograph: Sumit K. Sen, Kolkata, India.

A shell crab in Mandarmani beach.
Photograph: Nandan Basu, Kolkata, India
"I got ready with my camera and went outside for searching birds. I knew that the Bengal Seashore wetland areas are good habitats for birds. Immediately I saw the Pied Kingfisher. I know that I have waited for long to see this bird. Now is the time to see it, capture its beauty and to understand its nature of activities. Next I saw a bunch of Green Bee Eaters, but I was unable to photograph them. At Mandarmani I had seen White Wagtail, White-throated Kingfishers, Common Kingfishers, Stork Bill Kingfishers, Black Drongo, Black-necked Stilt and rare Eurasian Bittern."
-- Susmita Chatterjee

Black necked Stilt in Mandarmani
Photograph: Susmita Chatterjee, Kolkata, India, March 2010.

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